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Thanks for viewing my Photography, it means just as much to me as breathing. My life as a photographer started 3 years ago, professionally. I bought my first DLSR camera on a Mothers day, a gift from my husband. I needed a new view of life around me. I've always dreamed of owning a Canon camera, but never had the money. The day I bought it and brought it home was the most life changing event of my life and it opened my eyes. Now, i don't let one moment pass me by.
My specialty is Nature, the way sun hits an object, or a sparkle on a glass. I want the excitement captured, something that makes a moment REAL. Within these last two years i've finally found my calling and my own unique take on Nature photography.
I've also found myself wanting to expand my business. I'm getting into the field of Real Estate photography. It's slow going in reading, but I'm taking my time and trying to learn all I can.
My goal in life is to be a successful business woman, selling my work to people who appreciate life and the world we live in. I am also now thinking of heading my photography in a different direction, I want to learn the basics of Real Estate Photography and have been reading and learning what I need to do, my next step is practice. A lot of it. Wish me luck!
I live in Maine with my husband of 21 years, with our two teenage girls. Maine has so much to offer a photographer, the winter snow to the color changing autumn months. I want to capture it all! So, feel free to browse all I have to offer! Any questions, message me.
Thanks again!


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